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Have Trouble Uninstalling Programs From Your PC?

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If you are having trouble uninstalling software and applications from your computer, you have come to the right place.

Here at UninstallHelper.com, you will find step-by-step uninstall tutorials and reviews of tools that will be able to help you successfully uninstall various software and applications.

Some programs are hard to be uninstalled by normal methods, learn how to completely remove their traces as well as all the related leftover entries in the registry, and return you a healthy and clean computer!

Common Uninstall Method

To uninstall a specific software or application, normally you can either use its own built-in uninstall application or the Add or Remove Programs feature of Windows. This is the most common uninstall method that a regular computer user would implement, but sometimes poorly designed or complicated software will not be possible to uninstall the standard way.

When uninstalled, this software leaves leftovers in the computer which occupy valuable disk space as well as interfere with the operating system of your computer. It is pretty annoying.

At this point you can, of course, delete the remaining files, folders, and the leftover entries in the registry manually by yourself, but that’s kind of risky unless you have enough computer knowledge.

Recommended Uninstall Solution

If you encounter software/applications on which the normal uninstall method cannot be applied, UninstallHelper.com recommends you use specially designed uninstaller software to help you solve this problem.

You can’t force an uninstall manually, but with uninstalling software it is possible to remove a program or an application by forcing it out of your computer completely.

Check our feature comparison table of the most popular uninstalling programs below.

REVO uninstallerIObit UninstallerAdvanced UninstallerSpecial Uninstaller
Free Version
System BackupYESNONONO
Remove Browser
Uninstall GuaranteeNONONOYES
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