How To Uninstall ScpToolkit (3 Easy Methods)

If you came here looking to learn how to uninstall ScpToolkit fast and easy, welcome. You just found the right guide for you.

When we put these kinds of guides together, we always research the easiest possible ways of uninstalling programs in Windows 10. And this guide is no different.

Today you will learn 3 different ways of uninstalling not only ScpToolkit but any program on Windows 10.

Note: below you will find a clickable table of content, that will help you to navigate your way through our guide.

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How to uninstall ScpToolkit – Method one

In this method, you will learn how to uninstall ScpToolkit by utilizing its installation file. Keep reading to find out how.

Step 1 – type SCPTOOLKIT SETUP into search bar

We will start by opening the original installation file, that you used to install ScpToolkit. Usually, your computer saves download files in the Downloads folder, but if you cannot find it, don’t worry, I will help you with it.

Start by typing SCPTOOLKIT SETUP into the search bar and look for scptoolkit_setup.exe among the suggested search results. Now open it by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Note: you might have emptied your Downloads folder or deleted the installation file, if that’s the case, this method won’t work for you. Just move on to method two or three

how to uninstall scptoolkit method one step one

Step 2 – click on the FINISH button

You will now see the installation window open, so to proceed click on the FINISH button.

how to uninstall scptoolkit method one step two

Step 3 – click the REMOVE button

You will now see 3 buttons appear (Modify, Repair and Remove) and to start the uninstallation process you need to click the REMOVE button.

click the remove button to proceed with uninstall

Step 4 – click the REMOVE button in the next window

You will now see another window open, that will ask you if you want to begin to remove ScpToolkit, just click on REMOVE again.

Great, you just started the uninstallation of ScpToolkit, which will take about a minute or two. When it’s done just click FINISH.

finish uninstallation by clicking remove

How to uninstall ScpToolkit – Method two

In this method we are going to teach you how to uninstall programs utilizing Windows Programs and Features function.

Step 1 – Type SCPTOOLKIT into search bar

Also in this method we will be utilizing Windows 10 search bar, to get us started, so type scptoolkit into your Windows 10 search bar.

You will now see a few results that Windows suggested based on your search term. We are looking for program with SCPTOOLKIT in the name, with APP marking underneath the name.

There are a few sub programs under ScpToolkit e.g. ScpToolkit Updater, ScpToolkit Settings Manager, ScptToolkit Tray Notifications etc. Any one of them will work, the only important factor is, that the result is marked as APP.

how to uninstall scptoolkit method two

Step 2 – right click the selected result and click UNINSTALL

Now that you selected one of the sub programs of ScpToolkit, that is marked with app, click on it with your right mouse button. You will now see context menu appear, so click on UNINSTALL to continue.

click uninstall to continue with scptoolkit removal

Step 3 – select ScpToolkit from the list and double click it

By clicking uninstall in the previous step, you just opened Programs and features window. Here you will see list of all programs, that you have installed on your computer.

Now look for ScpToolkit in the list and double click on it to proceed with uninstallation.

look for scptoolkit among installed programs

Step 4 – confirm uninstallation by clicking YES

You will now see new window to appear, just click on YES to start the uninstallation process. Windows will now uninstall ScpToolkit from your computer, it should take less then 2 minutes or so.

click yes to proceed with uninstall

How to uninstall ScpToolkit – Method three

In our last method, we will teach you how to uninstall programs by utilizing Apps & Features function.

Step 1 – Type REMOVE into the Windows 10 search bar

Let’s start by typing REMOVE into the Windows 10 search bar. Then choose ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS from the search results and click on it to open.

how to uninstall scptoolkit method three

Step 2 – look for ScpToolkit among the list of installed programs

You have now opened the Apps & Features window, where you’ll see list of all installed products. You will now have to look for ScpToolkit among these programs. To make it easier for us, let’s utilize the provided search bar and type SCPTOOLKIT in there.

filter down the list of programs

Step 3 – start the uninstallation process

Great, now you have sucessfully filtered the list down to just one result – ScpToolkit. So to start the uninstallation process, you will have to do these 3 things:

  • start by clicking on the ScpToolkit program name, which will reveal first uninstall button
  • now click on the first uninstall button, which will reveal second uninstall button
  • click on the second uninstall button, to confirm your intent of uninstalling ScpToolkit

You just sucessfully started the uninstallation of ScpToolkit, which should be finished in just a minute or two.

confirm uninstallation

Thank you for reading our guide on how to uninstall ScpToolkit!

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, instead of reading this guide, you can watch our youtube uninstall guide here

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How To Uninstall ScpToolkit (3 Easy Methods)

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