How To Uninstall Winrar In Any Windows

Winrar is very popular and useful tool, but if you are looking for guide on how to uninstall winrar, keep on reading.

Similar to other Windows programs, Winrar is easy to uninstall and you should be finished in no time.

In Windows there are multiple ways to uninstall programs available, but to keep this guide short, effective and easy to follow I chose to list only one of them.

How to uninstall Winrar – in just 5 steps:

  1. Type REMOVE into windows search bar
  2. Open ADD AND REMOVE PROGRAMS settings window
  3. Look for WINRAR and click on uninstall
  4. Confirm Winrar uninstall
  5. Delete Winrar folder from Program Files
  6. OPTIONAL: delete temporary files and clear Windows registry

IMPORTANT: if you need more details with screenshots in order to uninstall Winrar, scroll down

1. Type REMOVE into windows search bar

When on Windows desktop, you will see Windows search bar in bottom left corner (in Widows 10). Type in REMOVE.

*In Windows 7 and 8 you have to click on the Windows Start Button (bottom left corner) for the search bar to appear.

type remove into search bar to uninstall winrar

2. Open ADD AND REMOVE PROGRAMS settings window

In this step, you will need to locate Add and remove programs settings window and click on it to open, just as shown in above picture.

3. Look for WINRAR and click on uninstall

Now you will see list of all the installed programs in your Windows system. Type name of the program – Winrar – that you want to uninstall, or just scroll down through the list of programs until you find it in the list.

look for winrar in list of installed programs

4.Confirm Winrar uninstall

In this step you just click on the name of program (Winrar in our case) and uninstall button will show. You need to click on it and now second unistall button will appear. You have to click on it too, to confirm the uninstallation process.

to uninstall winrar click on uninstall twice

Then just click YES to proceed.

It is possible that your Windows system will ask you “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” as well, here you will have to click on YES to proceed.

5. Delete Winrar folder from Program Files

Congratulations, you just uninstalled Winrar from your system.

winrar uninstall finished but have to delete folder

However it is possible, just like in my case, that your system will ask you to delete the left over Winrar file. That’s no problem, just go to your C drive, Program Files and find Winrar folder. When located click on it with right button of your mouse and click on delete.

go to program files and delete winrar folder

6. OPTIONAL: delete temporary files and clean Windows registry

After every uninstall there are left over temporary files and Windows registry entries. These can take up significant amount of your hard drive space and with time make your computer run slower.

I recommend that you clean your registry and delete your temporary files, doesn’t matter if you do it manually entry after entry, or if you use uninstall programs, important thing is you do it.

The manual way of doing this is a bit tedious, has small learning curve and takes some time, but is absolutely doable. Unfortunatelly it would take a lot of screenshots to show you all of the required steps, so instead of doing this you will find good explanation video that will show you how to do it below.

Deleting temporary files and cleaning Windows registry automatically

There is, of course, also much easier, but paid option to do all of the above. It is done by purpose built uninstall softwares, that will make this task easier.

There are a lot of uninstall softwares out there, but I personally suggest all of my friends and family members the Special Uninstaller, check it out here (if you want)

Below is the promised video, hope it helps you and you will understand everything easily, or click here to watch it on YT

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How To Uninstall Winrar In Any Windows

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