How To Uninstall Dauntless [4 Easy Ways]

It doesn’t matter if you play Dauntless directly from Windows 10 or Epic Games Launcher, if you are looking to learn how to uninstall Dauntless from your computer then read on.

Here at UninstallHelper, we write guides for users like you, that need help with the uninstallation of programs. We research all possible uninstallation methods and only teach the easiest ones to follow.

And this one is no different. We included 3 different ways to uninstall Dauntless from Windows 10, as well as one for uninstalling from Epic Games Launcher.

Below you will find a clickable table of contents, that will make navigation in our guide easier for you.

Let’s get started.

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How to uninstall Dauntless – Method one

In this method, I am going to show you how to uninstall Dauntless and any other Windows 10 program using Apps & Features settings option in Windows.

Step 1 – Type REMOVE into search bar, then click ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS

Let’s start with something easy, so type REMOVE into the Windows 10 search bar. Among all the suggested results, look for and click on ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS.

Note: the search bar in Windows 10 is located in the bottom left corner

how to uninstall dauntless method one

Step 2 – Type Dauntless into the search bar

Now you will see a list of all apps and programs that you have installed on your computer. It can be quite a lot, so to make our search easier let’s use the provided search bar. To filter down the list of programs, type Dauntless in it.

type dauntless into the search bar

Step 3 – Click on Dauntless, then the UNINSTALL button

You have now managed to filter down the list to just (usually) one result. To start the uninstallation process you will have to:

  • first click on Dauntless program name, then you will see UNINSTALL button appear
  • now click on the UNINSTALL button, now a second UNINSTALL button pops up
  • click on the second UNINSTALL button to proceed

You have now successfully uninstalled Dauntless from your computer.

Note: it is possible that once you type Dauntless into the search bar, you will have more than one result. The reason is that you have installed more versions of Dauntless. Follow the step 3 process for all and any program you wish to uninstall from Windows 10.

click on program name, then uninstall button

How to uninstall Dauntless – Method two

In this method, I would like to teach you to uninstall programs utilizing the Programs And Features Windows setting. So if for whatever reason method one didn’t work for you, you can try this one.

Step 1 – Type DAUNTLESS into the search bar, look for Dauntless APP

Again, let’s start with something easy, so type Dauntless into the search bar. From all the suggested results, we are looking for Dauntless marked as APP. See the below screenshot if you require further clarification.

Note: The search bar on Windows 10 is located in the bottom left corner.

how to uninstall dauntless method two

Step 2 – Right click Dauntless APP, select UNINSTALL

Now that you located Dauntless that is marked as APP, you have to click on it with your right mouse button. From the context menu that pops up, click on uninstall.

right click then click uninstall

Step 3 – Look for Dauntless in the list and start uninstall process

You will now see a list of all programs that you have installed on your computer and to proceed further, you will have to find Dauntless in the list. The list is by default organized alphabetically, so just scroll down to the letter D.

To start uninstallation, double-click on Dauntless in the list.

look for dauntless in the list

Step 4 – Confirm uninstall

All there’s left to do now is to confirm the uninstall, by clicking YES on the below question.

click yes to proceed

How to uninstall Dauntless – Method three

In this method I would like to show you a method, that doesn’t work for all programs, but it definitely works for Dauntless. We will be using the original installation file, to uninstall Dauntless. So let’s get to it.

Step 1 – type DauntlessSetup into the search bar, click on DauntlessSetup.exe

If you’re not sure if you still have the original installation file, you can use the search bar to check it. Just type DauntlessSetup into the search bar and look for DauntlessSetup.exe among the search results. Then click on the result to open the installer.

Note: if the search process doesn’t find the installer on your computer, you most likely have deleted it. I suggest that you use uninstallation methods one or two above to uninstall Dauntless. Should none of them work, leave a comment below and I WILL get back to you to help.

how to uninstall dauntless method three

Step 2 – click on NEXT

You have now started the Dauntless installer, just click on NEXT to proceed.

click next

Step 3 – select REMOVE from the list

From the list that you will see now, select REMOVE and click on next.

select remove from the list, click next

Step 4 – click REMOVE again

To finish the uninstallation, just click REMOVE now. Congratulations, you have just uninstalled Dauntless.

finish uninstallation

How to uninstall Dauntless – Epic Games Launcher Method

If you are using Epic Games Launcher to play Dauntless and would like to learn how to uninstall it from there, this method is the one for you. So let’s begin.

Step 1 – Click on Library

To start you will have your Epic Games Launcher open and be in the HOME tab. On the left side tab, find and click on LIBRARY.

how to uninstall dauntless epic games launcher method

Step 2 – Look for Dauntless in the list and click on 3 dots below

Even though this step sounds complicated from the above heading, it is really not.

You will now see a list (with pictures) of games you have installed in your EGL. Look for Dauntless and underneath the title picture, you will see 3 dots. Click on them to proceed.

Note: you might have a different version of Dauntless installed, but the process is the same regardless of the version or even the game. You can uninstall any game using this method.

click on the 3 dots below title picture

Step 3 – Select and click Uninstall

You will see a context menu pop up, from which you will have to click on UNINSTALL now.

click uninstall from context menu

Step 4 – Confirm uninstallation by clicking UNINSTALL

EGL will now ask you if you’re sure you want to uninstall Dauntless, just click UNINSTALL to confirm.

confirm uninstallation

How to uninstall Dauntless – Bonus method

Another possible uninstallation method to consider is using professional uninstallation programs.

These programs are purpose-built to cater to the most demanding uninstallation needs. Whether you want to remove temporary files, remove the rest of the corrupt programs, or uninstall programs that you are not able to uninstall applying any of the above-mentioned methods, these uninstallers got you covered.

Uninstallers usually offer one-click uninstall solutions and are very easy to use, with a very short learning curve.

Below you will find a list of uninstaller programs that we at UninstallHelper recommend, most of which offer a free version. So there is literally no reason why to not give them a try.

Recommended uninstallers:

If you’d prefer, you can also watch our video guide below:

Video source: YOUTUBE

Thank you for reading our how to uninstall Dauntless guide!

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