How To Uninstall Deltarune Fast And Easy

If you are looking for a fast and cut-to-the-chase guide on how to uninstall Deltarune I am pleased to tell you that you just found it. Like any other Windows program, you can uninstall Deltarune very easily, in just a few steps. Coupled with a few optional steps, you should be done in just a couple of minutes.

How to uninstall Deltarune in just 5 steps:

  1. Type Uninstall into Windows search bar
  2. Open “Add or Remove Programs” settings
  3. Search for “Survey_Program”
  4. Start uninstalling process
  5. Optional step: Clear Registry and temporary files

1. Type “Uninstall” into Windows search bar

Start by typing uninstall into Windows search bar in order to find uninstall system settings window

how to uninstall deltarune step 1

2. Open “Add or Remove Programs” settings

Now look for Add or Remove Programs in your search results and click on it

how to uninstall deltarune step 1-b

3. Search for “Survey_Program”

Because the name of the Deltarune program once installed is Survey_Program, this is what we need to look for the list of installed programs, then click on it.

step 2 - find program

4. Start Deltarune uninstalling process

So now, that we found the installed program in our list, click on uninstall button. The second uninstall button will appear, click on it to confirm uninstall process.

how to uninstall deltarune step 3, start uninstall process

Now the uninstall process is finished, now you can click Close to get it finished.

step 5 - finish uninstalling

5. How to uninstall Deltarune – optional step

Now that you uninstalled the program, there are still some temporary files on your computer, as well as in your Windows registry. This process has a few different steps that would take too long if I showed you just the screenshots.

I found this very helpful video on YT that you can what and follow along to remove Deltarune related temporary files and registry entries.

Alternatively, you could use a professional uninstaller program to clear all the above-mentioned with just a few clicks and save yourself some time and confusion. I recommend the Revo Uninstaller that you can download here if interested

And this is all guys, please let me know how you like my guide if it was able to help you. There are a few different methods, on how to uninstall Deltarune, but in order to keep the guide effective, I chose the easiest one.

But should you not manage to uninstall Deltarune with my guide leave me a comment below and I will get back to you to try and help you.

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Thank you for reading

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