How To Uninstall Fortnite On PC [Fast And Easy]

If you were just researching how to uninstall Fortnite on a PC, then you found the right guide. Fortnite takes up nearly 40 GB of hard drive space, so if you’re not playing anymore, it is a waste of hard drive space.

You have to install Fortnite on PC via Epic Games Launcher, so the traditional Windows uninstallation methods won’t work.

Instead, you have to open and log in to your Epic Games Launcher to uninstall Fortnite.

In this guide, we are going to teach you how, in a step-by-step fashion, complete with screenshots of every step of the way.

Let’s start.

How to uninstall Fortnite on PC via Epic Games Launcher

Step 1 – open Epic Games Launcher

Let’s start by typing Epic Games Launcher into the Windows 10 search bar and opening the below from results.

how to uninstall fortnite step one

Step 2 – Go to Library

Once the Epic Games Launcher is running, you will find yourself in the STORE tab (in the left bar). Now find the LIBRARY bar and click on it.

how to uninstall fortnite on pc easy

Step 3 – Locate FORTNITE and click the three dots below it

In the library part of Epic Games Launcher, you will see all the games you have in your account. Look for Fortnite in the list, if you have a lot of games here, use the filtering options in the top bar.

When you found Fortnite, click on the three dots below the title picture.

look for fortnite and click the three dots

Step 4 – Click UNINSTALL

From the context menu, that you will see pop up now, click on UNINSTALL.

click the uninstall button

Step 5 – Confirm uninstallation, click UNINSTALL again

Epic Games Launcher will ask you now if you’re sure that you want to uninstall Fortnite, click UNINSTALL if you wish to proceed.

Congratulations, you got the job done and you have your (nearly) 40 GB back.

finish fortnite uninstallation

Thank you for reading how to uninstall Fortnite on PC guide.

How to uninstall Fortnite on PC – FAQs

Here we will answer your most frequent questions, regarding Fortnite uninstallation

If I Delete & Reinstall Fortnite will I lose my progress?

As long as you know your user name and password, you will not lose your progress and other game data. Everything is stored online and doesn’t have to do with the actual installation on your computer.

If I have to uninstall Fortnite, will I lose my skins, emotes, everything?

As we already said in the question above, as long as you know your user name and password, you won’t lose any user data.

If I uninstall then reinstall my Epic Games Launcher, do I have to reinstall Fortnite?

Yes, when you uninstall Epic Games Launcher, it will also uninstall all the games, of course, Fortnite as well. The reason for this is, that, unlike your user-related data, games are downloaded and installed on your hard drive (via EGL). That’s why when you uninstall the EGL as the main platform for these games, so are the games inside of it.

Do you have any other questions regarding Fortnite uninstallation, that you want us to answer? Then leave a comment below or leave us a message here.

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