How To Uninstall X Plane 11 Step By Step

If you want to learn how to uninstall X Plane 11 then you came to the right place.

We at UninstallHelper always research the most effective ways of uninstalling programs and then put together step-by-step and easy-to-follow guides.

This guide for uninstalling X Plane 11 is no different and developers at make it super easy for their users. X Plane doesn’t change or add any directories, nor does it create any shortcuts.

So to delete X Plane 11 from your system all you have to do is delete the installation folder from your hard drive.

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How to uninstall X Plane 11 fast and easy

As mentioned above, uninstalling X Plane 11 from your system all you have to do is delete the uninstallation folder from your system. If you require step-by-step info as well as screenshots, then keep reading…

Step 1 – click on start button

You will start by clicking the start button, which is located in the bottom left of your screen, to reveal the start menu.

how to uninstall x plane 11 - click the start button

Step 2 – click on THIS PC

Among all the options in the start menu, find and click on THIS PC (click with the left mouse button).

how to uninstall x plane 11 - step 2

Step 3 – Click on C: Drive

The folder where X Plane 11 is installed by default on C: drive, so in this step click on C: drive.

Beginner tip: As your drive could have any name, look for (C:) in the name of your drive to easily identify C drive.

x plane 11 uninstall

Step 4 – Find X-Plane 11 folder

Now that you opened your C drive you will see all the folders that it holds, so just locate the X-Plane 11 folder now.

locate x plane 11 folder

Step 5 – Right click on X-Plane 11 folder and click DELETE

Now that you managed to find the X-Plan 11 folder, click on it with the right mouse button to reveal the context menu. From the context menu select and click on the DELETE option.

uninstall x plane 11 click on delete

Step 6 – confirm deletion

Because the X-Plane 11 folder is very big, Windows won’t be able to move it to your recycle bin. Instead, it will ask you to confirm the permanent deletion. Just click on YES to confirm.

click YES to confirm deletion

Step 7 – OPTIONAL – clean temporary files

You just managed to delete/uninstall X Plane 11, congrats!

Now let’s discuss temporary files. These are pieces of data that Windows and other programs save on your hard drive temporarily to help them run more efficiently. These data files should be deleted automatically, but not always are.

Over time, they add up, clog your hard drive and slow down your computer.

To prevent this from happening we at UninstallHelper suggest our users start a temporary file cleaning routine.

To help you do this, professional uninstall software is available on the internet. These uninstallation programs are a very efficient way of cleaning temporary files from your computer. You will be able to learn them quickly and do this task in just a few clicks. The uninstallation program we use and suggest to our users to use as well is SPECIAL UNINSTALLER.

Special Uninstaller is very easy to learn and understand and it won’t cost you more than dinner for two.

Click HERE to learn more and purchase SPECIAL UNINSTALLER

Of course, there is a FREE way of doing this as well, but it will cost you your time and effort. If this is the way for you, don’t worry we have you covered. We have put together a guide for this and you can read it here.

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