How To Uninstall Bluestacks Windows 10

If you came here looking to learn how to uninstall Bluestacks in Windows 10 welcome, as this is the right place for you to be in.

We researched all the available Bluestacks uninstallation methods out there, chosen 3 easiest, and compiled them into this guide.

Each step of the way is documented, nothing is left out and we also include screenshots of every step. Below you can also find a clickable table of contents, to make orientation easier for you. So let’s get to it.

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How to uninstall Bluestacks Windows 10 – Method one

In this first method, we would like to teach you how you can uninstall Bluestacks (and for that matter any other program), by utilizing Apps & Features settings option. Let’s start.

Step 1 – Write REMOVE into Windows search bar, click on ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS

Let’s start with an easy step, find the Windows search bar in the bottom left corner and type REMOVE. You will now see a few suggestions, that Windows finds fitting in regards to your search term.

Among the search results look for and click on ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS.

how to uninstall bluestacks windows 10 method one

Step 2 – Type Bluestacks into search bar

You just opened the Apps & Features settings option of your Windows 10. Here you see a list of all programs that you have installed on your computer. As you can see, there are a good few here.

So to make it easier for you, use the provided search bar and type BLUESTACKS in there.

type bluestacks into search bar to proceed with uninstall

Step 3 – Click on Bluestacks, click on UNINSTALL

Now, that you successfully filtered the list of programs down to just Bluestacks, let’s proceed with uninstall. Follow these few tasks:

  • start by clicking on Bluestacks program name, you will see UNINSTALL button appear
  • click on the uninstall button, after which a second UNINSTALL button pops up
  • and finally, click on the second uninstall button to proceed

You have successfully started the Bluestacks uninstaller.

click the uninstall button to uninstall bluestacks

Step 4 – Confirm uninstallation

Now that Bluestacks uninstaller is opened, this last step is super easy. From the list, select a reason why you want to uninstall Bluestacks and click on the red UNINSTALL button. That’s it, you are done.

finish the uninstall process

How to uninstall Bluestacks Windows 10 – Method two

Welcome to the second method, where we are going to teach you how to not only uninstall Bluestacks but other programs as well. This time, via the Programs and features settings option.

Step 1 – Type Bluestacks into search bar, look for Bluestacks APP

Similar to the first method, we are starting by typing into the search bar, but this time you will need to type BLUESTACKS. Among the suggested search results look for Bluestacks, marked as APP.

how to uninstall bluestacks windows 10 method two

Step 2 – Righ click on the Bluestacks APP

Have you located Bluestacks APP in your search results? Good. Now click on it with the right mouse button and from the context menu that pops up, click on UNINSTALL. This will open the Programs and features Windows settings option.

right click and select uninstall

Step 3 – Look for Bluestacks in the list and double click on it

The Programs and features windows, that you just opened, show a list of all programs that are installed on your computer. Windows organizes programs alphabetically by default, so scroll down to the letter B and find Bluestacks.

To proceed with uninstallation, double click on Bluestacks program name with the left mouse button.

select bluestacks from the list

Step 4 – Confirm uninstallation, click on UNINSTALL

Great, you have now started the Bluestacks uninstaller and to finish uninstallation is very easy. Just select a reason for uninstalling Bluestacks from the given options and click the red UNINSTALL button. And you’re finished!

finish uninstall

How to uninstall Bluestacks Windows 10 – Method three

In this third and final method, I am going to show you how to uninstall Bluestacks, utilizing its built-in uninstaller. You can use this method, should the other 2 standard uninstallation methods not work. Let’s get to it.

Step 1 – Type File Explorer into search bar and open it

Again, we are going to start easy and that is by utilizing the Windows 10 search bar. Let’s type FILE EXPLORER in there and then from the suggested results click on File Explorer.

how to uninstall bluestacks windows 10 method three

Step 2 – type C:\Program Files into the address bar

To proceed with this step, we will first have to clarify where the address bar is. It is the white bar, where you can see in which folder are you located, just above the folder icons. The screenshot below will confirm the right location.

Now that we have that confirmed, click in the address bar, type C:\Program Files in there, and press ENTER. You can also copy this text and paste it there.

Note: click on the white area of the address bar and not the text, otherwise this won’t work. In my screenshot below, there is Quick access written in the address bar, so I clicked to the right of it.

click inside the address bar

Step 3 – Look for Bluestacks folder and open it

By typing C:\Program files you opened your Program files folder. This is where every program you installed is saved by default. Now just look for the Bluestacks folder. Once you found the right folder open it.

find bluestacks folder

Step 4 – Click on BlueStacksUninstaller

You just made it inside of the BlueStacks installation folder and here you will also find its uninstaller. So look for and open BlueStacksUninstaller to start the uninstallation.

look for bluestacksuninstaller

Step 5 – Confirm uninstallation

Great, we are almost there. You have now started the BlueStacks uninstaller. To finish uninstallation simply choose a reason why you decided to uninstall it, then press the red UNINSTALL button. That’s it.

How to uninstall BlueStacks Windows 10 – Bonus Method

I have decided to include this method here, which you can use if for whatever reason the above methods didn’t work. This method introduces you to the possibility of using professional, purpose-built uninstallation software.

Yes, this software usually costs money, but it WILL make your life easier and it won’t cost you more than a dinner for two.

You can, depending on which software you use, uninstall programs with one click, uninstall multiple programs at once and remove any program leftovers.

Another reason, why you should consider the uninstaller program is, that it removes temporary files from your computer with a single click as well.

We definitely recommend that you at least consider this option.

You could check any of these programs, we recommend them all. Just click on the program name to learn more about it:

Watch our video guide on how to uninstall Bluestacks Windows 10:

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Thank you for reading our guide on how to uninstall Bluestacks Windows 10!

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