How To Uninstall One Note Windows 10

If you were just researching and are trying to find out how to uninstall One Note from your Windows system you just found the right guide for you.

Even though the One Note is a free program on your Windows, some users might want to remove it and if you’re one of them, this is how you can do it.

How to uninstall One Note in just 4 steps:

  1. 1. Type Remove into Windows search bar and start Windows Uninstaller
  2. 2. Look for One Note under all installed programs
  3. 3. Start the uninstall process
  4. 4. OPTIONAL – remove temporary files and Windows registry data

Scroll below for detaied guide on how to uninstall One Note!

1. Type REMOVE into Windows search bar and start Uninstaller

First, you have to locate the search bar on your Windows 10, which is on the bottom left of your screen. Now type REMOVE in there and within the results look for ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS, then click on it to start Windows Uninstaller.

how to remove one note, start uninstaller

2. Look for One Note under all installed programs

Now that you launched the Windows uninstaller you see a list of all programs installed on your system. Use the built-in search bar to look for One Note. Do this by typing OneNote into the search bar, just like in the picture below.

how to remove one note on windows 10

3. Start the uninstall process

Now that you located OneNote among your installed programs click on it to show uninstall button. You will have to click on it to proceed. This will show a second uninstall button, that you have to click as well in order to start the uninstall process.

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing, just check the picture below that will (hopefully) clarify what I was trying to explain.

confirm one note uninstall by clicking uninstall butto twice

4. OPTIONAL – remove temporary files and Windows registry data

And finished, you managed to uninstall One Note from your system. However, there are optional steps you can take to further improve the performance of your system.

you just finished your installation succesfully

You see after every uninstall you do, some data is left on your system and over time this data can cause the system to slow down and valuable hard drive space to be used.

It is important to make habit of removing this data (ideally) after every uninstall or at very least once a month.

Professional purpose-built tools are built to assist you with this task and to help you finish it quickly and effectively. I personally use and recommend REVO UNINSTALLER, which is very efficient and won’t cost you more than dinner for 2.

You can learn more about and purchase REVO UNINSTALLER here

Of course as with everything in life, if you prefer you can get the job done by going through the steps one by one and doing it manually. For that purpose, I put together a whole new guide, that will explain to you how this needs to be done.

However, this requires some time and effort on your part as well as some learning curve. You can read my step-by-step guide on how to delete temporary Windows files here.

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