How To Uninstall Tor Windows 10

If you were just trying to find out how to uninstall Tor in Windows 10 we have the easiest method for you.

But first, we would like to say that we here at UninstallHelper absolutely love the Tor browser and recommend it to everyone to use it. It is absolutely the best solution if you want to protect your privacy online and it is free.

With this out of the way, let’s start.

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How to uninstall Tor in Windows 10 in few seconds

Step 0 – check installed programs

Tor browser has one of the easiest uninstalls of all Windows programs. As the Tor Browser’s creators explain Tor is not installed as usual Windows programs and it won’t be added to the list of programs in Windows’s uninstaller. See below picture of all installed programs on my computer to illustrate this better.

how to uninstall tor windows 10 easily

Step 1 – locate TOR install folder

First, you will need to locate the folder, where you installed your Tor browser. By default, the Tor browser is installed on your desktop. If you didn’t install it there, don’t worry I have a solution for you.

Locate the Tor browser shortcut button that you use to start it and click on it with the right mouse button, then select properties.

how to locate tor install folder

Now just click on an open file location.

how to locate tor install browser click on open file location

You will see the location of your installation folder in the top bar. See the picture below for reference

how to locare tor install folder check top bar

As I mentioned before the standard location is on your desktop, which is also my case.

how to uninstall tor windows 10 folder on desktop

Step 2 – right-click TOR folder and select delete

Ok, so you located your TOR installation folder, now click on it with the right mouse button and select delete from the drop-down menu. See the picture below for reference if needed

how to uninstall tor windows 10 right click folder and click delete

Step 3 – empty your recycle bin

You now deleted the Tor browser’s folder, but in reality, it was moved to your recycle bin. To completely remove Tor from your computer you will have to empty the recycle bin too.

To do that, locate your recycle bin on your desktop and click on it with the right mouse button, then click on Empty Recycle Bin.

See our picture below for reference

That’s it, you just learned how to uninstall Tor in Windows 10, congrats!

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Tor Browser, we prepared for you some Tor Browser-related FAQs.

Tor Browser FAQs

What is Tor Browser

Tor (or the Onion router) is a browsing tool to browse the internet anonymously. In a normal internet browser, you are directly connected to the website you are trying to visit. In Tor Browser you will connect to Tor Network that will add encryption to your online experience. Tor Browser can be important for journalists, that are reaching out to their sources, activists that live in countries that censors or blocks access to the internet, but also for everyday users too. Besides browsing the internet the Tor users can utilize its hidden services to create private websites, that can only be found using the Tor Browser.

See next question for a more detailed explanation of how the Tor browser works

How does Tor Browser Work

Websites you are trying to connect to can see who you are and that you are trying to access their server using your IP address.

The Tor Network however is made up of countless nodes or relay points, that pass your data along using layers of encryption, hence the onion metaphor. Each node that your data passes through peels off another layer of encryption, showing the previous node’s IP address as well as where it’s been sent to. The last node that your data passes through (known as the exit node) peels off the final layer of encryption and then delivers your data to the intended server. The point of origin and the nodes in between are to the website completely unknown.

Tor browser download

You can download the Tor Browser from the Tor Project’s website:

How to use Tor browser

When you first open Tor you will see “Connect to TOR”. Click the option “Always connect automatically” and click the purple CONNECT button. Now you are connected to Tor Network and every time you start Tor browser it will connect you automatically.

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