How To Uninstall Voicemeeter Completely

If you are trying to learn how to uninstall Voicemeeter completely you just found the right guide for you.

You will learn to uninstall Voicemeeter in just a few minutes. We are offering you 2 different methods that you can try to get the job done.

As a bonus method, you will learn how to clean your temporary files and fasten up your computer.

Below you will find the clickable table of contents, to help you navigate through the uninstallation steps at your leisure and assist you with an understanding of our guide better.

Scroll for details on how to uninstall Voicemeeter, with screenshots

How to uninstall Voicemeeter – Method one

In this method, you will learn to uninstall programs directly from the search bar in just 4 steps

Locate Windows search bar

In this step, all you have to do is locate your Windows search bar, which is located on the bottom left of your screen in Windows 10. See the picture below for reference

how to uninstall voicemeeter method one step 1

Type VOICEMEETER into search bar

Now you will have to type VOICEMEETER into the Windows search bar to look for the Voicemeeter app on your system

uninstall voicemeeter method one, step 2

Locate VOICEMEETER App in search results and uninstall

Find Voicemeeter marked as App within your search results and click with the right button on it. Then select UNINSTALL from the drop-down menu to initiate uninstall.

OPTIONAL – clean Windows temporary files

You just finished uninstallation, but you have to know that after every uninstall, Windows leaves user-related data on your system. This data if not cleaned regularly will compound, slow down your computer, and consume valuable hard drive space.

To address this, I advise you to make a habit of cleaning these files regularly. How is this done you asked? As with everything in life there is an automatic and manual way of doing this, one costs money the other time.

The automatic way of cleaning temporary files utilizes purpose-built, professional uninstalling software. These are easy to use and more efficient than doing this task manually, but cost you a bit of money.

Personally, I use and recommend SPECIAL UNINSTALLER. It is super easy to use, is very effective, and will cost you less than a steak dinner.

You can read more about SPECIAL UNINSTALLER and purchase it HERE.

Alternatively, you can clean temporary files manually too. It won’t cost you anything, but you will have to invest your time and effort to learn these new skills. For this purpose, I put together a step-by-step and easy to follow guide, which you can read here

If you want to learn how to uninstall temporary files on Windows 7 I suggest that you read this guide

How to uninstall Voicemeeter – Method two

With this method you will learn how to uninstall programs via Windows built-in uninstaller, so scroll below for further details.

Type REMOVE into search bar

As I already mentioned in method one, you can locate your search bar on the bottom left of your screen (in Windows 10). Found it? Good. Now type REMOVE in there.

Start Windows uninstaller

Now look for and open the Windows uninstaller by clicking on ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS.

open windows uninstaller to uninstall programs

Find VOICEMEETER among installed programs

Use the built-in uninstaller search bar to look for VOICEMEETER among all installed programs.

use search bar

To do that type VOICEMEETER into the search bar, as shown in the picture below.

look for voicemeeter

Start the uninstallation process

You will now see Voicemeeter in the results section of the search bar, so click on it to start the uninstallation process. After you click on the name of the program uninstall button will show, which you have to click on. Now a second uninstall button will appear, which you have to click to start uninstallation too. See the below picture to better understand the process.

start the uninstallation process

Confirm uninstallation and restart computer

All you have to do now is confirm uninstallation by clicking the REMOVE button and restart your computer afterward. Now your uninstallation is finished.

confirm uninstall, click on remove

OPTIONAL – remove temporary files

As I mentioned above in method one, it is wise to clean your temporary files regularly and make a routine out of them. If you are interested to learn more and understanding the difference between manual vs automatic solutions for this task just scroll above where we talk about this in Method one.

Thank you for reading our guide, if you learned something new today, or you’d like to add methods that we missed, you’re welcome to leave a comment below.

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