How Do I Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

If you were asking yourself – How do I uninstall Avast Secure Browser, then you just found your ultimate guide.

Whatever your reason for uninstalling Avast Secure Browser may be, we got you covered.

Our guide will show you 2 different methods of uninstalling Avast Secure Browser. As well as frequently asked questions to help you get your uninstall done in no time.

Below you will find the clickable table of contents, so you can simply click through to the parts of this guide that you exactly need.

How do I uninstall Avast Secure Browser (method one)

In the first method, I will show you how to uninstall Avast Secure Browser via Windows uninstaller

1. Locate the Windows 10 search bar

The first step is pretty easy, you just locate the Windows 10 search bar – on the bottom left of your screen, as the picture below shows

how do I uninstall avast secure browser - locate search bar

2. Type Remove into search bar

After you located your search bar on Windows 10 type REMOVE in there, to look for Windows uninstaller

how do i uninstall avast secure browser step 2

3. Open Windows uninstaller

In this step, you will locate and open Windows uninstaller among offered results. So locate ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS among results and click on it to open it.

add or remove programs to uninstall avast secure browser

4. Look for Avast secure browser

Now that you opened the Windows uninstaller you have to look for Avast secure browser among all installed programs. To do this just type AVAST into built-in search bar

initiate avast secure browser uninstall

5. Start uninstallation

Great, you located Avast secure browser among your installed programs. Start by clicking the name of the program and now first uninstall button will appear. Click on it too to reveal the second (confirmation) uninstall button. Click on it as well to start the uninstallation.

See the below picture, that will (hopefully) provide a bit more clarification of what I meant.

start the uninstallation process

6. Finish uninstallation

Your system will ask you to confirm uninstallation one last time, click on uninstall

avast secure browser uninstall confirm

7. OPTIONAL – remove temporary files

After every uninstall Windows leaves data behind (like user data, user history, etc) that if not cleared can after time cause your system to slow down and will be lacking valuable hard drive space.

To tackle this purpose-built, professional software is designed, that will take care of this for you in just a few clicks.

I personally use and recommend Revo Uninstaller, which is super easy to use and will cost you less than dinner for 2.

CLICK HERE to learn more and purchase REVO UNINSTALLER

Alternatively, you could do all this manually as well, provided that you have the time and skills required. For this purpose I wrote a very detailed step-by-step guide, that will explain all the steps required, you can read it HERE

How do I uninstall Avast Secure Browser (method two)

In this second method, we will utilize Avast internal uninstaller. It is as easy as the first one, so if for whatever reason the method one didn’t work for you try this one.

1. Click on Windows start button

Start by locating the Windows start button, which is in the bottom left corner fo your screen.

2. Click on THIS PC

Locate THIS PC icon and click on it.

open this pc icon

3. Open drive where Windows is installed

Open the drive where you installed Windows, in my (and most people’s cases) it’s a C drive

open c drive

4. Open Program files (x86)

Now find and open PROGRAM FILES (x86)

open program files

5. Find Avast Software folder

Your Avast secure browser is installed in the AVAST software folder, now you will have to open it.

6. Open BROWSER folder

7. Start Avast uninstaller

Locate AvastBrowserUninstall and click on it to start the Avast uninstaller

8. Finish uninstall

The last step you have to take is to click on Uninstall button to start the uninstallation.

finish uninstallation

How do I uninstall Avast Secure Browser – Frequently asked questions

Can I uninstall Avast secure browser

Sure you can. If you decided to uninstall Avast secure browser you can absolutely uninstall it. It won’t affect the smooth running of your system in any way.

Missing uninstall avast secure browser

If you are missing the Avast uninstaller icon inside of your installation folder, just follow method one from our guide.

Is it safe to uninstall Avast secure browser

Yes, as long as you are ok to give up your internet browsing privacy and security. It is advisable to keep using Avast secure browser unless you have other or similar browsers you plan to use.

Would you like to get your Avast secure browser uninstallation questions answered? Leave a comment with your question below and we will add it above, together with our answer.

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